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Cool bird bone airplane “A680” – future convertible airplane 2050 by Airbus

Currently sticky airplane cabs with tiny window holes come to be retired. Maybe they’ll call it an A680 in the year 2050, in vision of Airbus, enormous window areas instead are to let the cab appear airily easy and breath-taking prospects offer. In addition the traditional cab classes are to be replaced by personalized zones with in great quantities of hightech.

For Airbus, in future 2050 its planes are convertible airplanes. Its cabine concept presents the remarkable structure of the outer skin. It’s inspired by the building of bones of birds and offers stability where it is necessary.

Between the “bird bone” Airbus wants to stretch an intelligent cab wall diaphragm, which controls the air temperature and can become transparent, in order to create a free panoramic view for the future aircraft passengers possible around the year 2050. As mentioned before, it might be called A680 or whatever, it essentially has to be a convertible airplane! Cool bir bone airplane …






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