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Airbus 1380 or Airbus A390

Last week, in some blogs I’ve read about an Airbus A390 and others talk about Airbus 1380. Interesting, two kind of airplanes I’ve heard not much before. So let’s do a research.

Are this code names? Secret new airplane projects? Old projectnames? Hidden codewords by secret agents?

For me, Airbus A390 sounds more than an extention of the current A380. But can it be extendet by Airbus? A third level? No. Wider? No. Longer? No. So I don’t think there will be an A380 extention called Airbus A390 …

What about the Airbus 1380? Sounds more than a acient dream. Maybe Airbus 1380 was the initial Airplane Project name before it officially was named A380? Who knows, I wasn’t able to research some good informations about Airbus 1380 within the internet. So whatever. Forget it …

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