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Hostgator private SSL price comparison (as per Aug.2014)

Here I'd like to publish my Hostgator private SSL price comparison. This informations, especially the prices are as per August 2014!

I'm running a website hosted on Hostgator. In my oppinion, a great website hoster!

Now I'd like to extend my site with a SSL certificate to secure my website. Therefore I'd like to have a Hostgator private SSL certificate.

There a two reasons:

1.) Confidential information will only be given and read by the appropriate receiver as he is the only one who can understand it

2.) Google has recently released news that they are boosting the rankings for websites that have been secured with an "SSL Certificate". I'd like my site going to get a boost, otherwise my competitors use this opportunity to jump up in the ranks!

Hostgator therefore offers different hosting packages, some already incluse a private SSL certificate, others don't.

Baby Package 9.95 cost per month (USD) 119.4 cost per year (USD)
dedicated ip address 2.00 cost per month (USD) 24.00 cost per year (USD)
RapidSSL Certificate (Private SSL) 39.95 cost per year (USD) 39.95 cost per year (USD)
TOTAL 183.35 cost per year (USD)

On a Hostgator Baby Package, costs for a private SSL certificate are on USD 183.35 per year

Please keep in mind that an SSL installed on the baby package would still be invoiced $2.00 per month for the dedicated ip address, which is required in addition to the SSL certificate if it is to be installed.

The RapidSSL is FREE with purchase of a Business Plan; $39.95 with a Baby Plan

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Oracle Reports and Forms SSL (HTTPS) calls

On Oracle Reports and Forms calls, for security reasons, Reports user should not see the Oracle Reports URL with Userid and Password parameters.
We use "manual" Reports calls out of Forms. So we just create the URL string and open this url with web.show_document().
Because Oracle Reports uses the GET method (instead of the POST method) to pass parameters, all parameters are visible to the user within the URL (....&userid=xxx/xxxx@xxxx)
Wo when using Oracle Reports and Forms direct URL calls, I suggest to use to two steps to secure it up:

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