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12 alternatives to raise your computer desk so you can stand to work ergonomically

Raise your desk so you can stand while working.
12 alternatives to your usual computer "sitting desk". Build a home made "standing desk".

I've found this twelve standing desk samples on the web:

(A) standing computer desk ergonimic


(B) standing computer desk ergonimic


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wrist pain cure – carpal tunnel syndrome – repetitive strain injury – 10 healing solutions

Within the time of two years I tried to heal my repetitive strain injury - a hard wrist pain occurring during repetitive heavy computer mouse operations.
For all computer users having the same problem a wrote a Complete Repetitive Strain Injury Troubleshooting Guide and a long compendium of my medical history on RSI with a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

I'm a computer programmer and therefore I likt it the short and easy way. For all computer uses who also like it short and clean, I created 10 simple cure pages on "healing RSI". Just click through the 10 RSI cure numbers below.

But actually, Repetitive Strain Injury cure 1 is no real cure! It would be something like "use the other hand" - this is no cure. It would help a time around half a year!. After that you’l have a repetitive strain injury on this hand. You just reschedule your problem.

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Amazon Books and Products on CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and RSI (repetitive strain injury)

Here you might find some good books and products on Amazon! helping heal your Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), usually appearing on heavy computer mouse/keyboard operations.

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