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Eurovan2 turn signal bad contact problem and solution: Indicator contact repair guide

Some days ago it became multicolored with my bad contact turn signal in the Fiat Ulysse too me. I looked for and obviously also found forums then into various Eurovan2 for solutions. (so this is an similiar english post to the original german post Eurovan2 Blinker Wackelkontakt Problem bzw. Lösung: Blinker Befestigung / Kontaktproblem)

Here again the helping entries are to this indicator topic: Turn signal or indicator problem with Eurovan2: Fiat Ulysse, Peugeot 807/307, Citroen C8.

Often to a contact problem within the turn signals attachment one referred there. Unfortunately I was not able to find some helpful pictures. Thus I made myself on the search and times the Fiats Ulysse turn signal attachment looked for.

This Eurovan2 looks turn signal (after I unscrewed it with a simple rotating motion)

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