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Simple Web Services Testing Tools for SOA – SOAP and WSDL Clients Software Overview

Quasar - SOA Testing Workbench

USD $359
SOAP Client / Server
* Make SOAP requests (also available through command line interface)
* Reply to SOAP requests
* Unit test your SOAP services
* Regression test your SOAP services
* Stress / Performance test your SOAP components

SoapUI - Open source SOAP testing tool
SoapUI Basic: Free
SoapUI Pro: USD $349
Own description: "soapUI, is the world leading Open Source Functional Testing tool for Web Service Testing. It supports multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST, HTTP, JMS, AMF and JDBC. soapUI is from eviware, the Open Source TestWare Company."

Web King
A SOAP Test Wizard automatically creates SOAP test cases from a WSDL

ManageEngine QEngine
ManageEngine QEngine Web Services Testing tool automates the load testing of Web services before they are put into production. QEngine can test Web Services that expose their functionality via SOAP interfaces. With an easy to use interface, the user can quickly generate test scripts from a WSDL document and verify the actual SOAP responses with the expected response.


Free, open source

SOAPSonar testing tool by Crosscheck Networks
Service and ESB Testing available in Software, VMWare, and Cloud Image, Cloud Simulation, XML Security, and Identity Federation

  • SOAPSonar Personal Edition | FREE | Features: SOAPSonar Personal edition is available for free. SOAPSonar is easy to deploy and requires no knowledge of WSDL, SOAP, XML, or REST to be effective at configuration and testing. Services can be tested within minutes.
  • SOAPSonar Standard Edition | $799 | Features: SOAPSonar Enterprise was built from the ground-up as a comprehensive testing solution with features that can be utilized throughout all phases of the service development lifecycle. SOAPSonar is easy to deploy and requires no knowledge of WSDL, SOAP, XML, or REST to be effective at configuration and testing. Services can be tested within minutes, and more complex testing scenarios can be built with complex security, identity, automation, and performance features.

Interesting: Crosscheck has also an XML Gateway called FORUMSENTRY
Processing over 1 billion transactions per day worldwide, Forum Sentry XML Gateway is the industry standard for REST, XML and SOAP security, access control and governance. The Sentry product is an evolution of over 8 years development and industry proven deployments. The result is the most sophisticated and versatile technology product for SOA on the market.

Free | Open Source
Simple and lightweight. When just need to read the wsdl file, automatically generate a skeleton request and see the results, and I was wondering if there's a lighter alternative to soapui.

Membrane SOAP Client
A generic SOAP client written in Java. It provides a dynamic form generator for SOAP requests.
It' open source and it creates forms out of the WSDL description that make it easy to specify a request.

LISA Features: Web Services/SOAP
Web Services/SOAP automated Functional, Regression and Load Testing Capabilities for Web Services
LISA's testing is a fully functional, no-code web services test authoring and execution automation solution that both developers and QA/Business teams can use. The solution offers the functionality you expect from the leading Web Services testing tool on the market today - and supports all of the current protocols, unit/functional/regression tests, and concurrency and load tests you need to ensure quality in your WSDL and SOAP objects.

SOAPtest - Test tool for SOAP and Web Services by Parasoft

XMLSpy® 2011 includes full SOAP capabilities including a SOAP client for interpreting WSDL (Web Services Description Language) documents, creating SOAP requests, submitting them to a Web service, and viewing the SOAP response. It also includes the powerful SOAP Debugger.

Absolutelly great tool, but expensive. For simple web services testing, the master enterprise edition is needed.


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  1. To make this a more comprehensive list, you need to include Green Hat’s GH Tester. This is a commercial enterprise grade product that is fast replacing lightweight tools like soapui that are simply not up to the job of helping with an efficient test automation programme. As one of the few companies listed with a decent European presence too, they are definitely worth a look!

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