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Repetitive Strain Injury Solution 9 – Using a small and cheap Wacom Volito graphic tablet

#9 - now, with my repetitive strain injury solution #9 I found a very good alternative to a usual computer mouse. Actually this was a really good solution to solve some aspects of my repetitive strain injury (RSI) with my carpal tunnel syndrome.

I did some research and found a good selling and cheap computer mouse alternative, Wacom's Volito graphic tablet.

wacom’s volito small graphic tablet good for (cts) carpal tunnel syndrome and (rsi) repetitive strain injury on computers

But last but not least, this Wacom Volito graphic tablet was too small for my needs.

It could be the solution for computer users with just one monitor. But I'm using dual screen monitors on my pc. So, with the small resolution of the Volito I can't handle the big dual screen resolution very good.

After some weeks I bought a very much bigger graphic tablet, a Wacom Intuos 3. This is my solution #10 and it really solved my repetitive strain injury.

Also read my complete repetitive strain injury medical history compendium and my solution abstract.

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