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Repetitive Strain Injury Solution 7 – little improvement using an earphone instead of an usual telephone receiver (to uncramp neck)

#7 - with my repetitive strain injury solution number seven I thought about fighting my RSI on my neck's side. As my doctor to me to check my neck to solve some of my wrist problems because the wrist nerves do have their basement around the neck.

I found out, with an uncramped neck the wrist is also more uncramped. This might help preventing a repetitive strain injury a little.

repetitive strain injury solution 7: earphone instead of telephone receiver to uncramp neck

Ok, this earphone is just a little improvement. Now I thougt fighting my Repetitive Strain Injury on the computer keyboard's side. Using a usual keyboard isn't a natural hand position. So I changed to Microsoft's natural keyboard to fight my wrist pain as my Repetitive Strain Injury Solution #8.

Also read my complete repetitive strain injury medical history compendium and my solution abstract.

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