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Repetitive Strain Injury Solution 6: cheap high standing-desk to avoid wrist and neck crampness

RSI #6: Really, this is truly a kind of solution for my repetitive strain injury (RSI) sickness.
Ok, it's looking funny - but it's cheap and it's working at all!

repetitive strain injury (RSI) sickness solution nr. 6: cheap high standing-desk to avoid wrist and neck crampness

Maybe it's more a handy-craft than a professional work - but anyway - who else has as 4-cpu and 4GB working desk?

And YES! It is helping to my Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) . Beleave it or not. When spending some money, first think about an electric movable desk (high-low).

When electricity is too expensive, you might use my construction manual:

  1. organize some huge printing paper boxes
  2. organize some old unsued computers
  3. put them on top of each other
  4. find some strong colleagues or employees
  5. lift your desk onto your construction
  6. finished
  7. perfect 😉 gratulations!

... if one of your colleagues mentions taking 2GB of RAM instead of 1GM of RAM - I would beleave it ...

So this was Repetitive Strain Injury solution #6. On RSI try number 7, I used pretty nice earphones instead of usual telephone receivers.

Also read my complete repetitive strain injury medical history compendium and my solution abstract.

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  1. I love this idea. I don’t have RSI but I do have lower back problems from sitting too much.

    I currently use a 3 drawer filing cabinet for raising the keyboard and monitor. I guess is is more of a work console than a desk but it suits my purpose and has helped my posture somewhat.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Hallam

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