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Repetitive Strain Injury Solution 4 – exchanged usual computer mouse against a trackball

Repetitive strain injury (rsi) solution number 4: After my unsuccessful try #3 I exchanged my usual mouse against a trackball-mouse.
Actually a trackball is an inverted mouse. So there you move the "mouse-ball" directly and the "mouse-body" stands still.
This is a good solution - it's a complte other way to operate your mouse cursor. But imaging - after a couple of weeks - you're still operating the same way all day long. You just re-schedule your RSI problem. Think about it.

Repetitive Strain Injury Solution Nr.4 - exchanged usual computer mouse against a trackball to heal carpal-tunnel-syndrome

At the end I had to say this can not heal a Repetitive Strain Injury for a very long time. Then I remembered my doctor who detected my problem in the upper back. So I tried sitting stright up on a funny sitting ball. So this was my Repetitive Strain Injury solution #5.

Also read my complete repetitive strain injury medical history compendium and my solution abstract.

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  1. Trackballs are good because they can remove the load on the shoulder and can enable the user to use both hands. Good for RSI!

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