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For my own needs I collected many useful RSI and CTS links

RSI and CTS Link Collection

According to my centralized Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) on carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) page, I also did some research on RSI. Here I recorded many interesting and good links belonging to Repetitive Strain Injury sickness.

Also you can find my RSI solution as a healed patient and RSI/CTS recommended Books.

Wiki: RSI / CTS

RSI awareness page

Harvard RSI action page

RSI in Australia

Yahoo RSI directory

Official Google Blog: Avoiding RSI

How I beat RSI

RSI Page on Uinversity of Nebraska

Repetitive Strain Injury: How to prevent, identify, and deal with RSI


Los Angeles Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group

Repetitive Strain Injury: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Repetitive Strain Injury - RSI - Patient UK

BBC - Health - Conditions - Repetitive strain injury

Awareness Cuts Repetitive Strain Injury

Typing Injury FAQ on RSI Anyone who wants to learn more about repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s)

Repetitive Strain Injury on University of Berkeley

RSI and Computer Ergonomics: Internet resources on RSI ...

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