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Air traffic Zurich / south germany region – live radar airport up to 300 km (real-time switzerland aviation master thesis)

The "ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences" published an online diploma master thesis work for general use.

The air traffic in Switzerland, notably around Zurich and South Germany hereby country can in real time the entire air traffic monitored.
This aviation air traffic live verion is absolutelly great! Especially is also the altitude data using colour deposited flight course.
Clicking on a tracked aircraft, detailed information about the flight route and the aircraft will be shown.

Link to

South Germany Watch Air Traffic Zurich Radar Google Maps Master Thesis

The master diploma uses Google Maps and is mega-cool. Absolutelly great informational on aviation topic!

They really know what they are doing ....

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  1. Also listen to Air Traffic !
    Live Air Traffic Control Audio Feed (Zurich, Switzerland, EU) :

  2. i am air traffic controller in iran. please send to information about your activities and your space.

  3. I am very impressed with this amazing system. Congratulations. I am a member of AOPA Switzerland,

  4. I was so impressed about what I had seen, I have a question, how can I see Toronto airport same like yours.

  5. Hi, yes this site is great. But unfortunatelly not created by me. It’s the “ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences” – published an online diploma master thesis work for general use (Zurich Airport Air-Traffic).

  6. Very impressive radar view.
    Are there other similar systems for other parts of the world ?
    Hoped such a site would exist for my country ( Belgium ). I often look a passing airplanes in the sky and wondered, where where they comming from and going to etc….


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