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why nobody uses Oracle’s PL/SQL language

Oracle is probably the best database of the world. And it's the market leader also.

Oracle has it's on procedural programming language: PL/SQL

Actually PL/SQL is pretty simple in it's first steps. OK, it's getting more functional and complicatet when getting deeper in it.

In the free Oracle Express database edition, everyone could use PL/SQL - and that's for free.

But unfortunatelly, not very much new Oracle users take the advantages of PL/SQL. Why not?

Oracle is doing not very much in PL/SQL advertisement!

and also:

There is very less Search Engine Optimization for PL/SQL on the web.

The reason is as simple: Oracle is hinding thousands of tech documents behind its METALINK and TECHNET. You have to register and login to access them. But this can't be done by search engine robots.

A call to Oracle and Larry Ellison: Please let the robots search all your technical documents and forum entries!
Why not consolidate all documents in a "huge" Oracle SEO optimized page with more than 1,000,000 SERP pages?
- technet
- metalink
- tahiti docs
- .....

It would be great seeing the PL/SQL community growing fast ...

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  1. Hi Justin
    OK you’re rigth for this kind of official documentation. But do a search for a specific ORA-XXXX or REP-XXXX message: Not very much appearing from Oracle Corp. itself.
    Actually I just meant, Oracle’s PL/SQL isn’t appearing very often on search engine result pages. But it could be much more

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