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Toad 9 default options which should be changed

With Toad 9.0 for Oracle, some Toad options do have changed default values against older Toad versions.
To change Toad options in top menu: VIEW - TOAD OPTIONS

I changed following options :

Editor - Display - Hightlight View Names: from unchecked to checked.

Because I like to see View names the same as Table names in a sql statements and pl/sql programs.

Editor - Open/Save - Opening Files: from "prompt to split files" to "never split files".

Because all my sources are saved as files in a filebased source management system. On check out I don't want Toad to split my files.

Editor - Open/Save - Object Loading - Owner Name: from "allways include" to "never include".

Because I work with synonyms. So I never should work with owner names. Never use OWNER.OBJECT in queries! Thats what Synonyms are for!

Editor - Execute/Compile - Compiling - "default to compile with debug" from check to unchecked.

Why should I allways compile in debug mode? I only need debugging when seeking some errors. In my case this is not the default!

Windows - Check "Save Size" and "Save Pos" on EDITOR and SCHEMA BROWSER

Otherwise you have to change your window sizes every time you start Toad or every time you'll open a query or schema browser dialoque.

Thats all about this. Also see some general PL/SQL Developer Tips on the web.

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