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PL/SQL Function Hash Algorithm – Oracle Hash Value


Oracle® Database PL/SQL Function and Packages and Types Reference

For Oracle 10g:

DBMS_CRYPTO provides an interface to encrypt and decrypt stored data, and can be used in conjunction with PL/SQL programs running network communications. It provides support for several industry-standard encryption and hashing algorithms, including the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm. AES has been approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to replace the Data Encryption Standard (DES)



Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit Programmer's Guide

Release 2.0.4:

Section 7.2, "Digital Signature"
the following PL/SQL routines to create and verify digital signatures. There are two versions of each routine: one for raw data and another for strings.
"Sign", "Verify" ,"SignDetached" and  "VerifyDetached"

Section 7.3, "Hash"   – Oracle Hash Value
this pl/sql routines can be used to generate checksums. There are two versions of each routine: one for raw data and another for strings (KeyedHash, Hash)

Section 7.4, "Random Number Generation"



using the Package(DBMS_UTILITY) it contains a
function named (GET_HASH_VALUE) to get Oracle Hash Value


Doing a PL/SQL hash function

using  select ora_hash … from dual

or using  dbms_crypto …

Oracle® Database Security Guide

17 Developing Applications Using Data Encryption for Oracle 10g and above

Stored Data Encryption Using DBMS_CRYPTO

  • Securing Sensitive Information
  • Principles of Data Encryption
  • Stored Data Encryption Using DBMS_CRYPTO
  • Data Encryption Challenges
  • Example of a Data Encryption Procedure
  • Example of AES 256-Bit Data Encryption and Decryption Procedures
  • Example of Encryption and Decryption Procedures for BLOB Data
  • Oracle Hash Value
  • PL/SQL Function Hash Algorithm


MD5 Hashing in Oracle Databases

even MD5 is already broken …

… let’s see how we can use hashing in real-life database administration. When a sensitive piece of information is sent to a different location, you might calculate the hash value beforehand and send it in another shipment or transmission …

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