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Oracle Forms Error: PDE- …. INTERNAL ERROR. Unable to adjust forms for output …..

FRM-18108 / FRM-30436 / FRM-30041 / FRM-30085 Forms Compilation Errors

PDE- .... INTERNAL ERROR. Unable to adjust forms for output .....

According to several Oracle Metalink support entries and some experiance in migrating Oracle Forms Rel. 6i to Oracle Forms Rel. 10gR2, I suggest to:

Recompile all Forms program code: In Forms menu do "Program - Compile - Compile All"!

If that doesn't work...

try to convert the Form to a FMT text file and convert it back to FMB. After that do a "Compile All" again.

Last but not least, it's also possible...

that an attached pl/sql library is not compiled correctly. Do the same compilation to this pl/sql library modules

That's it. If this suggestions can't help you, nobody can help you with your Forms problem. Write a new one ...

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