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why one of five americans can’t find the U.S. on a world map

Miss South Carolina Teen USA has been asket why one of five U.S. American residents can't find the United States on a world map .....

[youtube lj3iNxZ8Dww]

..ok? What is she talking about?

By the way, current U.S. president Bush tries to shorten social programs, which are again drastically increased expenditures for the military however: US president George W. Bush submitted his last household, to one with record volumes. However for the military Bush wants to make available to more than one half trillion dollar.

Despite empty cashes and rising debts US president George W. Bush in the last household of its term of office wants to implement a renewed drastic increase of the military expenditure. It submitted a proposal for 2009 with a record volume and a megadeficit of 410 billion dollars. The military expenditure is to rise around 7,5 per cent to 515 billion dollar, shorten social programs like the health care and school system however substantially.

Georg W. Bush:

...the U.S. public educational system is one of the most important bases of our democracy. Finally here our children learn, like one a conscious citizen will and are suitable the necessary abilities...

He wants to meet the education misery at the public schools in the USA not with more budgetary appropriations, but particularly with a stabilization of the parents rights. Parents should receive for example coupons for school money, so that they are not bound to the cheapest school. But it gives then fewer subsidies, which go directly to the schools. Which concerns the education of the poorer layers, he can refer to its successes in Texas, where actually the integration of immigrants from Latin America advanced also in the educational system well.

world map

I also saw this on TV: One out of five Americans thought Afghanistan is located on an island called Australia ...
Ok, I can understand this ...

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