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help! someone has to set up a good american fast-foot restaurant in europe!

It's a hard life for European software developers working at night - only pizza delivery and a few fast-food restaurants in some towns.

What can we do? Personally, I don't like the fast-food restaurant with the large yellow letter very much. Because it's almost the only fast-food company in Europe, over the years I think it's burgers are kind of boring by the time. Please help us!

Years ago, I remember my visit to Los Angeles. There I went to Jack in the Box and Carl's Junior.
Western-Backen-Cheeseburger and Santa Fe Chicken! Yeah! That was great! Priceless in taste....
....compared to that I usually can get here.

A message to both of them :
carls jr. Jack in the box
Come to Europe! Especiall to Switzerland as fast as you can 😉

Eventually an innovative U.S. citizen takes the change as a franchise partner.
Would this be an idea? Take a look at Carls Junior or Jack in the Box franchise web pages. Think about it ...

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SOMEONE has to set up good fast food restaurants in europe! « Restaurants du canada