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Eurovan2 turn signal bad contact problem and solution: Indicator contact repair guide

Some days ago it became multicolored with my bad contact turn signal in the Fiat Ulysse too me. I looked for and obviously also found forums then into various Eurovan2 for solutions. (so this is an similiar english post to the original german post Eurovan2 Blinker Wackelkontakt Problem bzw. Lösung: Blinker Befestigung / Kontaktproblem)

Here again the helping entries are to this indicator topic: Turn signal or indicator problem with Eurovan2: Fiat Ulysse, Peugeot 807/307, Citroen C8.

Often to a contact problem within the turn signals attachment one referred there. Unfortunately I was not able to find some helpful pictures. Thus I made myself on the search and times the Fiats Ulysse turn signal attachment looked for.

This Eurovan2 looks turn signal (after I unscrewed it with a simple rotating motion)


Unfortunately there is not many free space in the engine range of the Eurovan2 (Eurovan 2 are the models: Fiat Ulysse, Peugeot 807 (same turn signals also for 307) and Citroen C8 and Lancia Phedra).
You can use an old small mirror for a better overview. See engine compartment photo further below….

First I looked for myself my Fiats Ulysse manual and times the turn signals side impacted…

I'm sorry it's in german

A: Turn against the clock and put out (turning just about 1/4 of a circle)

B: When you'd like to take out the bulb, you just neet to push lightly and turn the bulb (but you don't have to take out the bulb, this is usually not the problem)


Eurovan2-Blinker-Gluehbirne-Indicator-Light-Anleitung diagram

In real life you can see the indicator attacement at the read arrow below.Eurovan2-Blinker-Gluehbirne-Indicator-Light-Motorraum-Picture picture

The round caps on the left and on the right are the normal lights (headlight low beam, parking light). These are them above are well accessible there. But us interested the turn signal, that as it were a floor is deeper.

Best one takes the right cap thereby one better downward to off seize can. In the picture hardly evidently, with the red arrow characterized, one sees grad' still the last point of the turn signal mounting plate.

This can be simply rausgeschraubt in accordance with the guidance attached above. Perhaps screws something is formulated, it at the most a quarter revolution is needed and already exaggerated has one turn signals the part in hands.

STOP! Everyone who has no idea of car electricity has to detach the battery before !

Very simply: In the Fiat Ulysse is the battery to feet of the front seat passenger. There only one flap must be raised. Then beautifully simply the mass pole with the clip can be detached. No tools are needed. Surround simply clamp (I hold there it in the fingers) and raise then clamp with cables. Now something between battery and cable in between-put thereby no more contact exist (NO piece of metal naturally!).


Now to the actual problem. In many forums descriptive that the contact function no longer correctly.

Which contact?

That was before unclear to me. If one this turn signal part now regards then can it only the metallic contact on both sides of this turn signal mounting plate be.

Thus I bent as descriptive in the forums simply completely carefully these two metallic contacts after completely small few outer towards. I have also read those could break off, thus with a small screwdriver really only a little…

Eurovan2-Blinker-Gluehbirne-Indicator-Light-Bulb Side

Then the turn signal again pure” screw”. Thus again at the most a quarter turn (or even rather an eighth).

Now attach again the battery. Ignition (first time has the Ulysse which from a going away barrier gemeckert, thus again ignition from and again ignition).

See there…. everything flashes again as desired. The turn signal functions again perfectly. No more bad contact! A favorable variant ;-)

The whole guidance is to be understood without guarantee. I am even times strained like for a long time this beautifully flashing condition will continue…

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