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Enterprise Architect Tutorial: Enterprise Architect Copy/Paste Elements

I was looking for Sparx Enterprise Architect copy/paste elements for several minutes – now I've found it!

Here I try so write an Enterprise Architect tutorial on how to copy and paste EA elements (from / to package).

Usually you can copy/paste things with CNTL-C and CNTL-V, ok this also works within enterprise architect, but not for elements!

First I tried drag/drop with my mouse. Actually this MOVES my elements from one place to another place. But I don’t want to move, I want COPY.
Besides, dragging and dropping with pressed CNTL key does not copy either….

Seems as copying ELEMENTS has to be handled another way.

It’s easy in enterprise architect when you know how to…

There’s an extra menu entry to do this – just select your specific element (maybe a class element) within you package.

Then right mouse click to open the element’s context menu.

Choose “Copy Element(s) to Clipboard”



usually it takes about 3-5 seconds for enterprise architect to complete copying elements to clipboard…



… continuing our enterprise architect tutorial …


After EA has completed copying, you can select (click) on the destination package (if you use packages).

As above, right mouse click on the destination package – the context menu again appears.

Choose “Paste Element(s) from Clipboard” – EA now pastes those elements into the selected package.

Great – you’ve just copied the elements, so you don’t have to model them again.


Now we finished the copy/paste elements lesson on my enterprise architect tutorial.

Have fun copying instead of remodel again … Smile with tongue out

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