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Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) – UML model with Use Case Metrics – pragmatic approach

Absolutelly great! With Sparx Enterprise Architect you can model UML and also take advantage of the Use Case Metrics. Using metrics in software developement projects is essential!

Enterprise Architect (EA) - Use Case Model with metrics
It would also be possible using the function point (FP) method or a pretty complicated COCOMO process. But why not using a pragmatic approach?

Doing a easy categorization of use cases in "Easy", "Medium" or "Difficult" doesn't take much time. At the end just do in EA menu:
PROJECT - Use Case Metrics :

EA menu: PROJECT - Use Case Metrics

See Sparx Systems EA "use case metrics" docu here. Additionally Sparx Systems also created a good UML documentation about "use cases" in general.

Links to USE CASE METRICS!732D1D42507315A3!121.entry about Use Cases & Scenarios

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