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dual screen with ultramon smart taskbar (two acer al2021 tft monitors)

I'm using 2 huge 20" computer monitors as one dual-screen monitor.

This is great and a unbelievable computer working enrichment especially in a Java/.net environment with twelve open windows!
Where to put all thouse developement tool windows ?

dual screen acer al2021 tft


Additionally I also used ultramon to handle the dual screen functionallity.

dual screen ultramon smart taskbar

Smart Taskbar

Absolutelly great is Ultramon's "smart taskbar" option for dual screens.
This option put the task icon in the taskbar on the screen on which the task is running.
Sounds strange. Just look at the sample above. Explorer task is at the right, Word task is at the left. Also on the taskbar.

ultramon smart taskbar option for dual screen

Acer AL2021 Image Quality

The Acer possesses a perfectly even illuminating. Who works e.g. with Word and Excel, which will appreciate it, if its paper does not drift in a corner in the dark. The sharpness in the dissolution of standard 1600 x 1200 is outstanding. Branch-purely.
The colors work balanced and brilliantly, those pre-set colors "warm" and "cold" are reasonably defined. Among "users" one can adjust it after own taste. The black works very fullly, the point of view is outstanding. To the response time I can say few, since I do not play fast 3D games. The Acer AL2021 also with fast movements there are no streaks. Just as few with fast movements in DVD movies.

Acer AL2021 Processing

The processing appears perfectly to me. The standing foot is heavy and stable. Stable jerks. Special plus: The monitor works loudless. Since I have a passively cooled computer, I can insure absolutelly no loudless. With other TFT monitors some times before a beeping sound appeared. The monitor possesses an internal power pack, and my equipment has zero pixel error.
Still generally: An not underestimating advantage over 17"to 19" TFTs with aspect ratio 5:4 is the "correct" aspect ratio of 4:3.

Also perfect are those narrow harware margins, especially for dual screen operations.

I express this TFT a clear purchase recommendation!

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  1. msot computer monitors these days are already using LCD technology and some are LED-LCD ~”‘

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