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CPSA – Certified Professional for Software Architecture – graduated

Last days, I received my CPSA certification to the Certified Professional for Software Architecture, offered by International Software Architecture Qualifications Board iSAQB®
With good luck I was able to reach about 70% of total points to acheave the certificate (60% is needed for minimum to successfully graduate).

Here I leard which role software architecture in software projects is in and what the Certified Professional for Software Architecture  is all about:

  • The role of the software architect
  • Documentation of software architectures
  • Description and communication of software architectures
  • Employment of the UML for the description of software architectures
  • Proceed with the development of software architectures
  • Use of draft principles and architecture samples
  • Software architecture and quality
  • Architecture measures for the reaching of important quality goals
  • Evaluation of software architecture
  • Tools for software architects
  • Examples of software architectures
  • How to pass the exam for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture

With the iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture program exists a standardised and further education pattern for software architects, recognized world-wide.
The pattern consists of three levels of education:

  • Foundation level (since 2003)
  • Advanced level (in preparation)
  • Expert level (planned)

The test participants are software specialists from all industries (automobile industry, financial service, medical technology, telecommunications, public administration among other things) Also at universities planned training meetings on basis of the Certified Professional for Software Architecture are to be offered for to software architecture of curricula. Afterwards the students should know to the lecture the examination to the Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA).

General about CPSA Certified Professional for software Architecture

Which in the building industry already long is natural, now also moves at software industry. Software becomes ever more complex, at the same time ever enterprise-more critical.
The control of a multiplicity of technologies is necessary.

A professional software architecture is a substantial key to success of software projects. A Certified Professional for Software Architecture plays a central role for the successful production, the care and maintenance of the software.

The possibility of the re-use and the structure of knowledge concerning software in the enterprise depend of it.

So the software architecture is your warranty for the protection of your investments in software development. With the training program to " iSAQB Certified Professional for software Architecture" all training providers supply with the crucial contribution to you to the out and further training of your coworkers.

A Certified Professional for Software Architecture person is responsible for the load-carrying capacity of a software system with consideration of all relevant requirements. It must develop a suitable architecture in close contact with different Stakeholders and accompany their conversion.

Beside numerous technical contents the certification deals also with organizational and social aspects, with which a software architect must deal.
Currrent software architects can be prepared to iSAQB curriculum "V2.0" to the certification to „iSAQB the Certified Professional for software Architecture".

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