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Guaranteed – how to get questions in an internet forum answered (a theory)

It's nut just a theory but “Best Practice” - often a question has been asked in an internet forum and no one seems to be interested trying to answer - only silence, silence, silence.

The solution might be very easy:
Simply answer yourself to your question! But however, it has to be a totally wrong answer! For that you can do this under an alias in the forum or just as a “Guest”: Just post a good looking respectable but completely wrong answer.

Jeah! Hectar! Now we've waked up the ambition of all forum-reading persons, because the species "human" likes to instruct other humans!

  • I am the best one!
  • I know it much better than all others!
  • I am the Crack! Jeah!

Hardly believe it - the wrong answer is corrected by other humans within minutes with a couple of correct answers - and most likely I also found the perfect answer to my question.

On the basis of a correct question and a wrong answer over ten correct answers appeard on this a way. A really useful practice. Somewhat unpleasantly in their implementation - the purpose here however really sanctifies the means ….

I appologise to all forum administrators, but sometimes it has to be this way.

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