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Perfect Google Adsense Placement: Never saw such a good advertisement included in the page layout

Wow, this guys created some kind of interesting layout according to Google's Adsense placement.

Here you see the webpage's picture. Can you detect the Google Adsense block?

This is a job search page. You can see a normal list of open jobs. Is it ok to place the Google Adsense block below the job entries and make it look completely the same? What a great idea. I'd like to create some other listing page and doing like a search engine. But instead of showing results, I could only show Google Adsense blocks, a good idea, isn't it?

... Google should really stop this ...

Google Adsense block placement, already hidden in webpages layout

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  1. Oh my.. this is tricking your users! Don’t do that!

  2. Hi Fabio, you’re absolutelly right! This surely is not Google’s idea of adsense placements.

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