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Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords – any idea?

Most of us do it, the more or less sucessfully ...
earning money with web page advertising, mostly with Google's Adsense.

But which keywords should be taken?

One possibility is searching good high paying keywords with Google's own Keyword Check Tool

Google AdWords: Keyword-Tool

This is also useful for Adsense users. It shows the costs for Adwords users. So just take the "costs" and you'll get your theoretical earnings. Just remove Google's earnings itself. No idea how much they take for themselfe. Any idea?

Another way could be reading some "high paying google adsense keywords". Following four pages do provide such listings.

Adsense Keywords

Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords Hoax

Analyzed High Paying Google Keywords and Indexed Site Pages Count

Top Paying Keywords: Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords List

CyberWyre » Updated: Highest Paying AdSense Keywords - Making A Living 100% Online

I think this keywords are best payable, but who should use them? I think I can't because they do not fit to this page's theme like programming, database and rsi problems:

US$ 84.- "mesothelioma attorneys"
US$ 78.- "chicago personal injury lawyer"
US$ 67.- "austin dwi"
US$ 60.- "purchase structured settlement"
US$ 57.- "auto insurance quote"

I suggest :
"You shouldn't be building pages for AdSense. You should be putting
AdSense ads on pages with lots of good content. Build the pages for
the reader, optimize them for the Search Engines, then you will get
visitors who are interested in the content and will be interested in
the AdSense ads. That is how you get a good CTR and that is how you
make money with AdSense."

I totally agree with that.

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. i recently added you to your Google News Reader. Keep up the good work anticipate reading more from you later on.

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