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Flight simulator software download – ProFlightSimulator vs. FlightGear

As seen on many internet pages, a new flight simulator called ProFlightSimulator has been announced. Actually this flight simulator software is pretty cool.

BUT, if you don't like to spend about 80.- USD, you can get completelly the same downloadable flight simulator software on!

So, flightgear is originally an open source software, built by many software developers for free! Everyone can download this flight simulator software.

The flightgear open source developers actually created a new wiki page for anxious customers.

As many people are aware, there is a new flight simulator product that is being widely and actively marketed at the moment - Flight Pro Sim (also promoted as ProFlightSimulator, FlightSimPro, Earth Flight Sim, FlightProSim, Real Flight Simulator). This product is a direct copy of FlightGear.

Source: FlightGear Wiki

So with ProFlightSimulator, the free open SOURCE simulator FlightGear sold against money! With the fact it is important that the sales of the FlightGear under the cover of the Flight are completely legal due to the GNU GPL license of the flight simulator software. Nevertheless the FlightGear developers receive no proceeds from the sales of the Flight pro Sim or other supports and are located also otherwise in no connection with the salesmen of the software. According to the FlightGear doers one cannot do much there, since it concerns legally a legal action - except potential buyers do not buy ProFlightSimulator because the can download it completely free from and supports the spreading of the FlightGear as free open SOURCE project.
I suggest to donate some little money to this brave open source software developers on !

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