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Finding a new domain name: easy and innovative with Dislexicon -the English language extender

Thinking about a new domain name? Every time a hard work. Most good names are already taken.

Now I found the "Dislexicon: The English Language Extender"

It's very easy, just enter a single word - the Dislexicon Language Extender then generates many different other word out of your single word. For example try "Kalahari" (the desert in Africa) and the Dislexicon English Language Extender returns

kalaharigraphy kalahari-graphy representation of or process of representing kalahari
kalahariator kalahari-ator one that acts in the manner of kalahari
kalahariaqueous kalahari-aqueous watery kalahari
kalahariless kalahari-less without kalahari
kalaharioma kalahari-oma tumor kalahari
transkalahari trans-kalahari across or through kalahari
rhizokalahari rhizo-kalahari root kalahari
multikalahariferous multi-kalahari-ferous producing or containing many kalahari
benkalahari ben-kalahari good kalahari
mulitkalahariosis mulit-kalahari-osis abnormal condition or process of many, much kalahari
necokalahari neco-kalahari corpse kalahari
sonuskalahari sonus-kalahari sound kalahari
kalahariability kalahari-ability inclination or suitability for kalahari
contrakalahari contra-kalahari against or opposite of kalahari
kalaharive kalahari-ive performing or tending toward kalahari
kalahariphyll kalahari-phyll leaf kalahari
curakalahari cura-kalahari heal or cure kalahari
thermokalahari thermo-kalahari heat of kalahari
celerkalahariphobia celer-kalahari-phobia fear of fast kalahari
maxillakalaharieous maxilla-kalahari-eous having the nature of jaw kalahari
kalaharivore kalahari-vore to eat, devour kalahari
halokalahariable halo-kalahari-able capable or worthy of salt kalahari
trophkalahari troph-kalahari feed kalahari
kalaharigen kalahari-gen producing kalahari
counterkalaharicyte counter-kalahari-cyte cell contrary or opposite of kalahari

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