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CSS Table Gallery

Usually, tables in HTML are looking pretty bad.

Of course using CSS would give them a nice style. But I don't like to play around with CSS.

There's a simple solution: Copy a free CSS table style sheet!

Like ZEN Garden the site CSS Table Gallery provides a huge list of css styled html tables.

But the best: Just click through the table list - each time the hole table layout changes according to the selected css style! Thats great.
If your're searching for a niche litte css, just click. This way I found many css styles for some of my webpages.


Anbei eine super Seite bezüglich CSS Table Layouts (CSS Tabellen)!

Ähnlich wie CSS Zen Garden aufgebaut. Ungefähr 30 CSS Table Layouts in einer klickbaren Gallery.

Also jedes Table Design kann einfach durchgeklickt werden. Wenn's gefällt, dann einfach downloaden. Free, Open-Source natürlich. Habe noch nirgends eine einfachere Art gefunden, CSS Styles für HTML Tabellen runterzuladen.

CSS Table Gallery

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