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Country of Liechtenstein banned on Ggogle Maps (censorship)?

It seems as a hole country does not exist anymore on Google Maps.
A couple of days ago, the Principality of Liechtenstein could be clearly seen on Ggogle Maps or Google Earth, but now?
Now some people whisper, it concerns a deliberate censorship on the unpleasant consequence of the local Street View discussion.
As you can see on the picture, the country's border is also Google's border of sharpness. On Swiss and Austrias side (river of Rhine is the border), all streets and houses can bee seen on a high quality.

Conscious censorship? The fact that the un-sharpness accurately cuts along the national borders seems indeed very strange.
Ok, it seems as there is a discussion if Google Street View is legal or not …


Source: Google Maps


(Sorry for my bad english, I’m mobile and I can’t access my good translation site)

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