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Canvas HTML5 Animation: Cool Sample with Super Mario Jump’n Run in Background

I tried to find some cool Canvas HTML5 animations, samples, demos and tutorials. Amazing what canvas within html5 ca do …

Canvas HTML5 is the element to dynamic render of bitmap graphics. So canvas html5 covers html code with height and width attributes to define ranges, into which can be anything drawn. More on Wikipedia’s canvas html5 reference card here.


Absolutelly cool canvas HTML5 animation from Denmark

Great! Usually the background is static, here you can play Super Mario with your keyboard while watching the webpage!

Please look at the bottom of following web page. Do you see Mario? Just jump’n run with your keyboard, and of course read the web page content …

… use the link above to see it work …



This is a famous Canvas HTML5 animation

The clouds move over the background. See code sample and tutorial on canvas html5 link above. Notice the fading shiny clouds.


Here is a great Canvas HTML5 sample on how to move something with the keyboard

really good canvas html5 code sample and tutorial. On the link above, just press the keys on keyboard and move the circle ball. All this with canvas html5.



There’s also a collection of canvas html5 samples. Looking professional including canvas HTML5 3D objects:

Canvas HTML5 WebGL 3D world on


canvas-html5-animation-walk-around-live-demo  canvas-html5-animation-google-experiment


Further links on element Canvas HTML5 samples, demos and tutorials



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