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All 9 WordPress/WP Plugins to make money with Amazon (with your partner id)!

1. WP-Amazon

WordPress-Plugin: WP Amazon » Betamode

Inserts Amazon links with automatic picture and partner id. WP-Amazon.

Internet Pro Weblog: Amazon-Plugin for WordPress

Enhances the post/page edit mode with an amazon button. Just press and your able to search your specific amazon product. Your PartnerId will be applied automatically. Then just add the generated html code to your post. Very clean and easy: Amazon-Plugin für WordPress.

2. WordPress › Amazon Einzeltitellinks

Einzeltitellinks von schnell und einfach in deinen Artikel integrieren. Der Amazon-Einzeltitel wird mit Text und Grafik mittels iframe integriert: Amazon-Einzeltitellinks

This is german. See also Amazon Einzeltitellinks - Plugin für WordPress » Internet, Programmierung.

3. WP Plugin Amazon Item

The plugin makes use of the Amazon Associate WebServices (AWS) and replaces a special Tag in your post with the content fetched by the Amazon Webservices for this item. You can define the cache time for the content to be updated.
Use a specific tag within your Post to display an Item from the Amazon Website. Just replace it throug a valid ASIN.
- You need an Amazon AWS Key to run this plugin! (free)
- To earn referral fees an additional Amazon Associates Tag is needed.

Plugin WP Amazon Item.

4. Amazon Machine Tags Plugin for WordPress

Target: a simple inclusion of Amazon items.
It identifies any tag in the machine (or triple) tag form book:isbn=1234567890 or amazon:asin=1234567890. That works with native tags from WordPress 2.3 and later, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, Jerome’s Keywords, or as inline text.
The item(s) are displayed in the sidebar or in a blog article with a link to the visitor’s best match (if the ip2country plugin is installed).

Plugin: Amazon Machine Tags.

5. Amazon Context Links Plugin at heyko`s

First enter your options for this plugin. Then automatically the new Amazon Context code will be entered to your posts. First it's empty. But some days later the Amazon Context Crawler will visit your site - after that you'll see Amazon Context Links on your posts. Everything works automatically now. Just like Google Adsense. Plugin: Amazon Context Links.

6. Amazon Plugin for WordPress ·

Actually I didn't test this plugin jet, but it sounds good. Uses the ASM2 script.

7. Sozu: Amazon Media Manager for WordPress (AMM)

The Amazon Media Manager lets you add items from Amazon's catalogue to your wordpress blog. It keeps a list of things you've added, too, so you can choose what to display, how to display it and more. Plugin: Amazon Media Manager.

There are also two WP Plugins for Amazon with do not directly add Amazon Products. Instead they'll enhance it with Amazon Informations:

8. Last Amazon Review

plugin retrieves your latest Amazon review by scanning the Amazon RSS feed. Plugin: Amazon Priview WP.

9. Amazon Wishlist

plugin will allow you to list your wishlist on your own WordPress powered site. Plugin: Amazon Wishlist for WordPress.


Also found an additional blog entry on lorelles' about amazon wordpress plugins and on for wp amazon plugins.

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  1. There is an adittional amazon plugin for wordpress. You can find it here:

  2. FYI, I have created another Amazon plugin that can be added to the list — Amazon RSS in WordPress. The plugin captures the images in specified Amazon RSS feeds — RSS feeds that you choose based on their relevancy with your blog’s content — and automatically adds your associate-id tag to the URL of the product’s page on Amazon. Images are cached on your local server in order to increase page rendering speed and general server responsiveness, and the images are updated automatically. The images alone are featured as clickable affiliate links. [Note: Ioncube is needed for this plugin to work.]

  3. Good Amazon Plugins

  4. i have just signed up with the amazon affiliate program and i am still not earning a good deal of cash from them.,~:

  5. Thanks for listing these plugins, great list. I’m sure if any of the above perform this function, but I’m looking for an Amazon plugin that produces a specific product when the visitor does a “mouseover” on a certain bit of text. Seen it before, but can’t find this particular plugin by name.

  6. so far the best affiliate program for me is Amazon Affiliate. they have high tier rates and great payout “~*

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