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Adwords Average Cost Per Click (CPC) – Adsense Earnings

Interesting situation when checking today’s adsense earnings – the adwords average cost per click extremely divergences.

  • As seen below, today’s adsense revenue is on EUR 14.03
  • Yesterday’s adsense revenue is only on EUR 5.25 (this is only 1/3 of today’s adsense revenue)


Actually this is no problem, but look at the page views and click counter. There is almost the same amount of page views and clicks yesterday and today.

The important value here is the adwords average cost per click (CPC):

  • Today’s CPC is on EUR 0.52
  • Yesterday’s CPC is only EUR 0.26

So today’s adwords average cost per click doubles yesterdays value.

Seems as Google shows very different adword campaigns within days …

Open-mouthed smile


adwords average cost per click / adsense earnings

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