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absolutelly easy way to include youtube videos in wordpress! just install a simple plugin …

This site is a simple blog using the "Wordpress" blogging system. This page is a webpage created by WordPress.

This is a sample Youtube video:

[youtube NopuJ_OYjsk]

Hey this Youtube video is absolutelly easy included into this wordpress blog post.
As I found Claus' Blog posting about

WordPress YouTube Plugin

,I thougt about giving it a try. It works really perfect and the most important: It's easy - perfect for dummies.

And this is how it works:

Download the file and extract youtube.php to the plugin-folder: /wp-content/plugins/.
Activate the plugin "Youtube" on the WordPress admin screen. Finished!

Download it at the author's page. When writing a simple post or page, just write [y-outube ID] and your complete! And replace "y-outube" with "youtube". Sorry for that, this is just to show you the code.
The ID must be replaced with the video (case sensitive) id out of youtube...

In this case the ID number is: NopuJ_OYjsk
So just write: [y-outube NopuJ_OYjsk]
And replace "y-outube" with "youtube". Sorry for that, this is just to show you the code.

Easy, isn't it? Thanks to Claus!

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  1. internet video does eat a lot of bandwidth but hey i love to watch internet videos any time of the day ..

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