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24 popular digg images in a slideshow

Scanning digg's image page for good and funny pictures can be pretty boring by the time.

So I created a nice and clean digg image overview. The newest popular or upcoming digg images in a slideshow.

popular and upcoming  digg images / pictures in a slideshow

DIGG: Digg Image Slideshow: 24 Previews of upcoming and popular Digg pictures

Created with CSS and Digg API on PHP.

There's a good geek describtion about "using the Digg API", which I partly used.
As an alternative, JSON in PHP is also possible.

Slideshow created by CSSplay works perfect for me. Anyway I still have some IE problems ...

Also my web hosting provider didn't allow my php page to access some other web page as the DIGG API is.
So I also had to use the PHP SNOOPY class. Good German Snoopy description found at m-software.

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