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How to install PHP PEAR Packaes behind a Proxy or Firewall

1. Configure your Proxy/Firewall settings to PHP PEAR

pear config-set http_proxy http://<user>:<password>@<proxy-adress>:<proxy-port>

Sample PEAR command on Windows XP:



2. Now you can install any PHP PEAR Package with “pear install <package>”

Sample PEAR command on Windows XP to install the SOAP-0.12.0 Extension Package:


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PHP and PEAR SOAP: How to pass attributes to a webservice operation (xml-wsdl)

Basing a PHP SOAP Client on a webservice’s WSDL is very easy using PEAR’s SOAP package.

Usually you can pass tons of XML ELEMENTS to the webservice. But how to pass XML ATTRIBUTES?


Sample XML REQUEST structure:

<airline id=”12”>Air Congo<airline>


With PHP PEAR SOAP I was thinking to use it this way:


$params = array(“airline" “ => array(“_” => “Air Congo”, “id” => “12”));

$result = $client->getAirline($params);


… but unfortunatelly this doesn’t work …

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All about Load Balancing

New BLOG with informations about Load Balancing and Routers found today.

Interesting, I'm using myself an apache as a load balancer for some oracle forms services. We also use load balancing routers for our XML Gateway, it's a Layer 7 (L7) component. Very good hardware, but kind of expensive. I think it's only for professional purposes. I don't see a usage for small business.

What about "the cloud" - could this be implemented within Amazon's or Google's cloud applications? how much would it cost to run it there.

I'll do some further investigations on load balancing routers within the clound ...

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