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Investment Idea: Rare Earth Elements (Metals) Basket Certificate by Societe Generale – SG1YRE

ISIN DE000SG1YRE5, WKN SG1YRE, runtime until DEC-04-2015

Scoach Info: Basket Certificate - SG Rare Earth Certificate

Management fee p.a. : 1.00%
Settlement method - Physical delivery : No
Notice period : No
Currency : Euro

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Price 11-Jan-2011: 149 EURO

Basket Certificate

SG Rare Earth Elements Certificate – Base values :

Quest Rare Minerals Ltd. – ISIN CA74836T1012
Greenland Minerals Energy Ltd – ISIN AU000000GGG4
Rare Element Resources Ltd – ISIN CA75381M1023
Alkane Resources Ltd – ISIN AU000000ALK9
Avalon Rare Metals Inc – ISIN CA0534701002
Molycorp Inc Delaware – ISIN US6087531090
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd – ISIN CA39141Y1034
Arafura Resources Ltd – ISIN AU000000ARU5
Lynas – ISIN AU000000LYC6
China Rare Earth Holdings Ltd – ISIN KYG210891001
Tasman Metals Ltd – ISIN CA87652B1031
Neo Material Technologies Inc – ISIN CA64045Y1088
Hudson Rescources Inc – ISIN CA44415F1036

rare earth elements (metals)

The meaning of rare earth elements (metals) increases ever more. China, which places the world-wide largest with 97% portion of the production of these rare earth metals, which export limited strongly, rises the prices of rare earth elements (metals) strongly. Under the term „rare earth elements“ this metals of a certain group of the periodic system are summarized, which are very important for the industry.
Among other things rare ones ground connection are needed with the production of mobile phones, laptops, televisions and Photovoltaik plants.
The increasing employment of these metals speaks beside the offer bottleneck for a further price rise.
From profit promotion enterprises which reduce metals the rare earth elements (metals).

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