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Günstige Android Tablets aus China

Flagschiffe wie das Galaxy Tab sind leider nicht unbedingt günstig, so bin ich also auf der Suche nach günstigen Android Tablets – meist auch China!

Diese günstigen Android Tablets aus China habe ich momentan gefunden, konnte mich aber noch nicht zu einer Kaufentscheidung durchringen …

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Google Support Answer on how to buy Android App with Google Wallet Pin

Question to Google Support: How to buy Android app with Google wallet pin

Hello, when trying to buy an android app, I will be asked to enter a pin. But I have no pin within my Google wallet account.
I openend my google account on my pc, but I can nowhere find a link like "lost Pin" or "reset pin".
How can I add a pin number to my Google wallet account?
Thank you very much

Answer from Google Support on how to buy Android app with Google wallet pin:

Thanks for your email. I understand you are concerned about setting up a PIN code for making purchases in the Android Market.
Please know that if you're running version 3.1 or higher of the Google Play Store app on your device, you're able to set a PIN code to help prevent unintentional purchases.

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New HDR Android Photos (Christmas, Wintertime)

Here I'v taken some wintertime HDR android photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

On the left side you see the standard Galaxy photo, on the right side the same scenery taken with HDR android app "HDR Camera+". In my oppinion, a massive better photography with the HDR android app!


For each scenery, I've done a side-by-side comparison on standard and HDR android photos



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