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Software Maintenance Contract: Limit the number of objects CAST analyzer / licence problem / Forms Analysis / Dependence between Forms and Reports modules

Since we both sadly absent are always on call to the maintenance contract to speak, I would like to present you our concerns in this way to you.
In May 2004, our company is the product "CAST Application Mining / Enlighten" including maintenance for about $ 18000.- USD bought. Allow me the points listed below us what problems:

License Problem

(A) It seems to us there is a problem even though we license the software for more than a year have paid.
We still have a valid license key! The CAST Had soft so it runs for some time did not.
Until now, we were always with any temporary Keys (approximately 10 pieces).
Somehow, the same with the number of places to do it. This was, however, before about 2 years to negotiate and accordingly offers.
Apparently, however, were the objects CAST Internal completely differently than we counted at the time the offer was communicated.
Example: We have 1 PL / SQL package with 10 contained procedures. We have therefore 1 object. CAST in turn counted then 10 objects?
Furthermore unsrerseits were only "meaningful" observed objects - it was the CAST Analyzer, but then again not possible to have any meaningful restrictions set - that the analyzer has imported all objects (including all "useless" objects).

Forms Analysis

(B) For the following, the product should be used in 2004. Unfortunately totally unsatisfactory.
For analyses Forms 3 and DB-Link dependencies ==> Result: War is not useful because the generic analyzer no connections from Forms 3 via Oracle 7.2 database link to Oracle 8.0.4 apparent.

Dependence between Forms and Reports modules

(C) From 2005, the product should be wiefolgt eingesezt. Unfortunately not produce good results.
For "normal" analyses of Forms6 and Reports6 ==> Result: Still open clarification of points from CAST (product also that to date only limited)
In cooperation with your support has been trying reasonably full sense Abhängigeiten between the Forms and Reports modules to analyse.
With hardly useful success. CALL_FORM and RUN_PRODUCT could not korrerkt analysed.


Well, the whole situation has certainly to do that we hardly our time will find us in the product correctly comfort.
Currently, we are once again just before the introduction of a system in the next urgent project already waiting.
So this year we will certainly no time in the environment CAST invest.

The CAST software is for our relationships very expensive. We are following reasons at the moment not prepared the maintenance amount to pay:
-- Still no definitive license key (although software for more than a year properly paid)
-- Software fulfills the promised benefits are not

Basically, we are in new releases of the software CAST very interested - but only at a later stage (from 2006).
Is it possible that we had to resign from the service and then again next year "runners"?

However, it is imperative that we now pay for our software release definitely a valid license key.

Maybe we can once again call on our concerns entertained. Thank you.

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