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CAST AppInfo Enlighten Trial Version

Several months ago I've downloaded a trial version of CAST AppInfo and CAST Enlighthen.
We liked to test if this tool is good for documentation of our Forms6 and Oracle Database objects.
Unfortunatelly, this test-project never has come to an end - it still "hangs". Now I would like to ask if our company can get another new TRIAL KEY (for about 2-3 month).
Do you also have some short white-paper which describes a simple step-to-step to upload some db-object into cast's repository?
There seems to be 2 users (cwmm and another) ?
Thank you very much
Best Regards

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  1. As agreed during our discussion you will find below more details concerning our position in the market and an idea of pricing.
    Those analysis will help you in your study of legacy understanding actors( for a specific retro documentation in Oracle- Forms).
    Afterwards if your conclusion are the same than the analyst and that our price fit to your need, the next step will be wether to contact an Oracle-Forms reference or plan a lab with one of our consultant.
    I stay at your disposal If you need more detail.

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